Headshots & Portraits

In the age of social media, you don't get a lot of time to prove yourself. This means that your first impression is not when you walk through the door, but long before you meet face to face. There's no better way to build your reputation than a professional headshot or portrait

that shows who you are.






business or multi-person

we do offer discounts for businesses and multi-person sessions

Headshots vs. Portraits

During a headshot session, we keep the photos up close and personal. We capture you from the chest up while coaching you toward your best expressions. We'll walk you through the entire process to not only capture genuine imagery but to help you on what angles and expressions work best for you. We will sometimes vary the background colors and can work with a variety of clothing changes throughout the session. Headshot sessions generally last about an hour.

Our portrait sessions are where we get creative and vary things up a bit. We include headshots with your portrait session, so you’ll have several variations of backgrounds and lighting. We also change the distance of the camera to our subject to give a variety of fully body poses. This ensures a broader range of pictures and everything you’ll need for your business or branding needs. A portrait session can last up to 2 hours.

During the session

We will be capturing and reviewing the images throughout the session. Inspecting each shot this way helps us to determine if they work for your use. By doing this, we can adjust the focus of the session to address anything we feel you could benefit from along the way.

Purchasing Images

After the shooting portion of the session is complete, we will review each photo that we’ve kept up to this point. After removing shots that you don’t need, we’ll focus on the ones you’ll be keeping. Throughout this time, we’ll be narrowing down your selection so all that remains are the best of the best. We discuss with our clients on things like their expression, what can and can’t be done for retouch, as well as making sure you have a wide range of shots to use from your session.

By the end, you’ll decide which images that you would like to purchase and they will saved for retouching. Photos will be delivered to you a week (7 days) after your session date. All photos includes unlimited licensing of the image for personal use as well as professional retouching.


Our #1 rule is you have to feel confident and love it! If you're not comfortable in it, you likely won’t shoot well while wearing it. We suggest you bring a few different outfits and colors.

For corporate clients, we suggest the men to bring a variety of jacket/shirt/tie combos and for the women some options of blouse/dress/jacket combinations. Keep jewelry to a minimum, small earrings work best and simple necklaces. Things that hang or are chunky will usually draw a lot of attention to itself, but if that’s your style, bring it on! If you wear glasses, we may have to adjust lighting depending on their glare. If there is any doubt whether something will work or not, bring it along.

Layers work well for the actors and don't worry about being seasonal. Everything from a t-shirt and tank tops to sweaters and coats will work. Have some fun with what you bring.