Fantasy & Cosplay

Whether you want to give your child a special gift, or you want to create a one of a kind photo, our Fantasy and Cosplay session is perfect for you. These sessions are extremely custom and occasionally require multiple shoots to create the ideal photo.

If you are interested in learning more about these amazing photos, please contact us for a free consultation.

Wizard Photo Before & After

Original Photo

We were unfortunately not able to shoot the original photo in a studio setting, so we made due in the living room. Having a large space isn't necessary, as long as we have a space "large enough".

Final Image

After many hours of finding the right background photos and manipulating them to create the right atmosphere, we were able to blend the original photo into this composite beautifully.

Drummer Photo Before & After

Behind the Scenes

This photo shows the room and from what position I was in when taking the photo. The ceilings were a little taller than 6 foot and the client and his drums were set fairly close to the walls behind him.

Original Photo

Here is the photo I started with. There was a lot of work in cropping all of the drum elements out and adding in the leg on the stand.

Final Image

After cropping my client and drums out, we added in a wood floor, shadow, and a spotlight. A little dust and smoke was also added to give the image some atmosphere and here is how it all turned out.