What is Fantasy Art?

Fantasy art is composite photography focused on the fantasy worlds we wish we could be a part of. Each custom photo is created by taking photos of you and combining it with several other elements to create the final product. Each custom photo takes about two weeks to create, from start to finish.

Why choose Fantasy Art?

Let's be honest, there are some pretty amazing worlds and stories out there, and sometimes we become so enthralled with them, we wished we could be there. And for those of you who may have children, this can be especially true for them. You can be royalty, a witch or wizard, have superhuman strength, or maybe you just want to be on a beach in some foreign country. We can make that happen. 

The Process

Pre-consult - There are several steps in collaborating with clients to create their personalized Fantasy Photo. The first step is to set up a pre-consultation call where we talk about what you're looking for and I answer any questions you may have. If you decide that I am the right fit for you, we'll schedule a consultation call.


Phone consultation - There will be a little homework on your part prior to the consultation. We will provide a short list of things that you'll want to prepare before the consultation. During the consultation, we'll discuss what it is you're looking for and get a rough concept ironed out. We will also discuss pricing, what to expect during the photo session, and go through the different products I offer. 


Booking the session - The next step in the process is to book your session. We do require a non-refundable deposit in order to secure the date. Once our session is booked, I will begin working on a rough sketch of what we will be trying to recreate, this will help us figure out what props or costumes will need to be at the session as well as give us a visual of what our end goal is. Because each of these photos are custom and created individually, I do not carry props or costumes at this time.


Photo session - A week before the session, I will call with a reminder about the session, confirm the date, and go over the list of props that may be needed. Each session is slightly different, but they generally take about an hour and we go through a few different poses and a couple different lighting set-ups. 


After the session - This is when the magic begins. Over the next two weeks, I will pull together the photos, along with any other imagery needed to make your vision come true.


Photo reveal - Once the custom photo is complete, we will reach out and schedule a time to reveal your new artwork and order your prints. Due to COVID, we are hosting the reveals via Zoom.



What's next?

Call us or email us! Let's turn your imagination into reality. You can reach me at [email protected] or call (619) 784-4963.