So, you decided to click on my ad…

And you’re probably wondering what it is you’re entering for. Well, hopefully we can answer some of your questions. If you get bored reading, skip to the bottom to see original photos along side their end product. The link to the form is also at the bottom, but you can skip directly to the form by clicking here.


Exactly what am I going to win?

At first glance, it’s not going to look like much. You’ll receive multiple phone calls, get asked lots of questions, see a really bad sketch based on the answers to the questions, and last but not least, you’ll have to have your picture taken. Now, we’ll admit, this doesn’t sound like a very good deal at all.


I’m not so sure about this, why should I enter?

Allow us to play the kid card. See this smiling face?

Happy Customer


Ok, yeah, that was a little dirty using the kids, but it works. All joking aside, many of us, and our children have imagined what it would be like to be a character from a movie, a superhero, in a video game, or even in some made up world somewhere else. We are here to turn your imagination into a reality. Ready to enter? Skip to the form here.


Alright, so what am I really going to get from this?

Well, what was written above is mostly true, but I’ll break it down in a little more detail here.

Pre-consult call: This is the time for us to talk about what it is you’re looking for and to answer any questions you may have.

Consultation call: This is where we ask you a bunch of questions about the person who this is for, go through pricing, and schedule the photo session. We do want to note, there will be a non-refundable $99 (plus tax) deposit in order to book your session. This deposit will count towards any products you purchase.

Rough sketch: Once the session has been booked, we will put together a rough sketch to ensure that we are capturing what you want before we head to the studio to take photos.

Photo session: Picture day! We will have you come to the studio and take a few photos based on the sketch.

Creating the photo: Once we’ve taken the photos, the real magic begins. I will go through the photos from the session and find the one(s) that works best for the scene.  I’ll pull other photos together, and occasionally 3D models to create a world as close to the sketch as possible.

Photo Reveal: After all the work is done, we will schedule a reveal session via Zoom to show you the fully completed photo.


So what is the value of all that?

Because of the amount of time, effort, and complexity in creating these photos, we normally charge $500 for everything listed above, and we do not apply that toward any products we offer. We are also offering a $250 credit towards canvas or metal print purchases. This is a total value of $750.  You've convinced me, I'm ready to enter. Click here.


Still not sure?

Here are a couple of examples of the original session photo and what was delivered.

Composite Photos

Composite Photos

Enter to win!