About Me

The Story of a Photographer

The adventure began when I decided to study video game design and 3D modeling. During my first six months of college, I was hired as a junior graphic designer for a local online gaming site. This opportunity changed everything.

My career subsequently led me to become a full-time graphic designer and eventually manage a creative department at a national consulting firm. Photography was one of my hobbies while working in design. The majority of my photos were taken as a tourist, occasionally I would take pictures of the family, but I never really took them seriously. One day, I was asked to edit a photo for someone. The request was to remove some unwanted features in the photo and create the image they wanted.

A lightbulb went off as I was editing the photo. It made me happy to see how excited someone can be over a simple picture.

Now here I am, working to bring that same excitement and perspective to people's photos. Since starting my photography business, I've helped people see the person they see themselves as in their photos.

I continue to take touristy photos, much to the chagrin of my family, but now I share them with the world instead of keeping them hidden away on my computer. I've had the good fortune to have my photos digitally displayed in exhibitions in Milan, Italy; Chicago, Illinois; and Lisbon, Portugal.